Vegas Golden Knights Visit the White House, Biden Calls Kamala President

( – Who’s the president of the United States of America? That shouldn’t be a hard question. In fact, we’d expect every American adult, and even most children, to be able to answer it right away. Unfortunately, now it seems even the president isn’t sure who’s doing his job.

In June, the Las Vegas Golden Knights NHL hockey team won the Stanley Cup. On November 13, the victorious team was invited to the White House to be personally congratulated by… well, whoever the president is. We all THOUGHT it would be President Biden, but Biden says differently. Just moments after he walked onto the stage to greet the team, Biden told the audience that “President Harris is here to make sure we do this the right way.”

Worryingly, this is far from the first time Biden has referred to “President Harris.” He set the tone as soon as he took office when he started talking about the “Biden-Harris administration.” Within weeks of becoming president himself, however, he started referring to Harris by his own title. The first time he called her “President Harris” was in January 2021. He did it again that December, at an event in South Carolina. On her birthday last October, he wished her “Happy Birthday to a great president.” Now he’s done it again.

Many people are already worried about Biden’s age. His 81st birthday is the Monday before Thanksgiving. If he wins re-election next year he’ll be 82 by the time of his 2025 inauguration, and 86 by the end of his second term. Already, 73% of Americans think he’s too old to run again. If he does get elected for a second term will he make it to the end?

Biden himself hinted in 2020 that he plans to hand over the reins. During his campaign he said “I view myself as a bridge, not as anything else” — but a bridge to what? To President Harris? That’s a terrifying prospect because even the Biden-Harris White House seems to know she’s not up to the job – even if Biden thinks she already has it.

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