MSNBC Panel Slams Moms for Liberty

( – A popular MSNBC talk show recently slammed campaign group Moms for Liberty. According to a panel the group’s “crazy ideas” are helping to make the Republican Party unelectable. Moms for Liberty has attracted some controversy, but is it really harming the GOP’s chances at next year’s election?

On a recent episode of “Morning Joe” host Joe Scarborough and guest Molly Jong-Fast, a liberal author, discussed some recent Republican election failures. Jong-Fast blamed the party’s voter base, which she says is pushing conservative politicians to adopt more extreme policies; she claimed that “Republicans are losing on these ideas… quite frankly, they should.”

After this general criticism, Jong-Fast then zeroed in on Moms for Liberty. She accused the group of supporting “freedom being taken away from their daughters,” and highlighted its focus on so-called “book bans” — removing inappropriate books from schools. She called them “morally reprehensible” and said voters don’t want the government telling them what to do “in their bedroom and in their schools.”

Moms for Liberty was founded in Florida in 2021, as a reaction to the teaching of woke politics and transgender dogma in schools. All three of its founders are registered Republicans and, while the group describes itself as conservative but non-partisan, its agenda is pitched squarely at Conservatives. Liberals can’t stand Moms for Liberty; the Southern Poverty Law Center calls it an anti-government and “anti-student inclusion” organization and highlights links between Moms for Liberty and the far-right Proud Boys. The group also works with Gays Against Groomers, an LGB pressure group that’s trying to dissociate lesbian and gay people from transgender activism.

There’s no doubt Moms for Liberty has attracted some controversy, particularly for its efforts to keep books that promote gender ideology out of schools — what Liberals insist on calling “book bans,” although no books have actually been banned. Is that harming the GOP’s chances in next year’s election, though? That’s a more difficult question. After all, polls currently show that if the general election was held tomorrow the Republicans would probably win it. Perhaps Moms for Liberty isn’t that much of a problem after all.

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