Newsom Goes to China, Runs Over Child While Playing Basketball

( – California Gov. Gavin Newsom (D) recently took a trip to China in an effort to repair some of the damage between the communist nation and the United States and push his climate change agenda. He stopped by a public school in Beijing to learn about agricultural science programs, taking a break from politics at one point to play a game of pick-up ball with the locals. The California leader ran over a small child in one move, sparking a backlash.

RNC Research posted a clip of the embarrassing display on X, the social media platform formerly known as Twitter. The feed shows Newsom attempting to spin the ball on one finger before dribbling forward. He moves to avoid one child, only to plow right into another, tripping in the process and taking the poor kid to the ground. To his credit, the liberal governor pivots to take the brunt of the blow — but then he appears to playfully spank and hug the child before the two get back up.

The post prompted a slew of confused and offended responses. One user called two fouls, one for charging and another for the spank. Someone else said the action creeped them out like nothing else. Another poster simply called Newsom a “DISGRACE.”

Newsom went to China to discuss numerous policy issues, hoping to improve economic outlooks on both sides of the Pacific, strengthen ties between countries, and improve tourism between the US and its communist rival. His biggest motivation was an environmental agreement Shanghai officials agreed to sign. The document isn’t legally binding but notes that Chinese leaders appreciate the need to rein in greenhouse gas emissions and will work toward becoming carbon neutral by 2060.

China creates about one-third of the world’s human-generated greenhouse gasses each year. Newsome states that a focus on greener shipping and transportation efforts could help curb the foreign country’s carbon footprint.

The Associated Press shares that there has been speculation over Newsom stepping up ahead of plans to join the race for the 2024 primaries. The California governor insists he has no interest in running for president.

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