Biden Has a New Democratic Opponent in 2024

( – President Joe Biden remains the Democratic National Party’s (DNP’s) nominee of choice, and he appeared to be entering the 2024 Democratic primaries without facing any serious competition. However, he might not be a sure bet now that Rep. Dean Phillips (MN) announced that he has officially entered the race.

Concerns over Biden’s age have led many Americans to question the DNP’s avid choice. AP-NORC Center found in August that 77% of US voters thought he was too old to lead for another term. That figure included 69% of Democrats.

Phillips believes the party needs to pick a new candidate to represent the Left, and because no other politician has jumped in, he has no choice but to take the leap. He stated in an interview with CBS News that he thinks Biden has done a great job as president, but Americans need to think about the future. He said he couldn’t remain silent and simply do nothing when the numbers were so clearly against the current favorite. The brand-new presidential hopeful said that without other options, the party would find itself “facing an emergency” at the November 2024 polls.

The competition for the primary bid looked slim until Phillips’ announcement, with Robert F. Kennedy Jr’s recent leap to independent candidate leaving only longshot Marianne Williamson opposing Biden. ABC News reports that Phillips has been trying to push other candidates for over a year, but to no avail.

Phillips might have a difficult road ahead of him, especially given his late filing has already excluded his name from the primary ballot in Nevada. He also appears to be struggling in his efforts to gain Democrats’ support in opposing their chosen leader. Artie Blanco, who is a member of the Democratic National Committee in Nevada, doesn’t think the Minnesota representative’s bid is serious, noting the shaky start. Minnesota Gov. Tim Walz (D) agrees, adding that the party has already chosen its nominee. Washington Rep. Pramila Jayapal (D) went so far as to call the move a “vanity project.”

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