Israel-Palestine Protests Interrupted by Shooting

( – More protests over the current direction of the war between Israel and Hamas erupted across the country over the weekend. One demonstration in Illinois fell into chaos after a man drew a gun and attempted to fire into the crowd. Nearby witnesses took charge before anyone got hurt, although two other incidents at the event left a few people with minor injuries.

The headline-making Skokie, Illinois, protest took place in the afternoon on Sunday, October 22. Pro-Israel demonstrators had initially gathered to share their sentiments against the Hamas terrorists responsible for the most recent Middle Eastern conflict. Clashes sparked when roughly 200 pro-Palestine protestors crashed the event.

Just beyond the crowds, one individual brandished a gun and fired a round into the air. Others nearby, who were also at the open mall across the street, intervened, and police took the person into custody without further incident.

Elsewhere at the event, another demonstrator pepper-sprayed 15 or more pro-Palestinian protestors, along with a police officer. The officer, along with two other people, required treatment for their injuries. That assailant was also arrested.

BBC News reports that violence toward both American Jews and Palestinians is just one example of the “ripple effects” occurring across the world due to the current conflict in the Middle East. Rallies have popped up all over, but hate crimes have become more prevalent, too.

Leaders of American Jewish and Palestine groups fear even more attacks could be on the way if the war continues overseas. Already, people have reported bomb threats, and the deadly stabbing of a six-year-old Palestinian boy in mid-October highlights the potential violence that could grow if Washington doesn’t take action to rein it in. The boy’s mother also suffered injuries in the targeted stabbing — surviving over a dozen knife wounds — which their landlord allegedly perpetrated in his anger over the Hamas attacks on Israel.

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