Gingrich Says “This Is Over” After Trump Defeats Haley

( – Former president Donald Trump is having a good campaign. He’s easily won every caucus or primary so far. Of the 13 candidates who originally entered the race for the GOP nomination, only two remain; the rest have admitted defeat already. Former South Carolina Governor and US ambassador to the United Nations, Nikki Haley, is still hanging in there, even though she has no hope of winning. Now a veteran Republican is urging her to give up.

Trump’s Lead Is Almost Unbeatable

On paper, it’s still early in the race to win the Republican Party’s nomination for November’s presidential election, but the reality is Donald Trump has the momentum and, unless he’s forced out of the race for some reason, he already has the nomination in the bag.

Michigan’s GOP primary on February 27 delivered him another crushing win; he gained 68.1% of the votes compared to Haley’s 26.5%. With Super Tuesday fast approaching it’s already clear that Trump is the favorite and Haley will need a miracle to catch up now. After all, she couldn’t even beat him in her home state.

Former Georgia congressman and House speaker Newt Gingrich doesn’t think she’s going to get one. On February 27, with the polling booths still open in Michigan, Gingrich spoke to Fox News’s Sean Hannity and made clear that Haley’s chance has gone and she should back out now.

He said Haley is “hanging around in case something happens to Trump,” but warned that the former president’s supporters are never going to back her no matter what happens. He highlighted her abysmal performance in the February 6 Nevada primary, where Trump wasn’t on the ballot, and “None of these candidates” beat Haley by more than 2:1.

Gingrich: “Haley Should Back Trump”

Haley seems to be pinning her remaining hopes on her age — at 52, she’s decades younger than either Trump or President Joe Biden — and potential appeal to younger and female voters. However, she’s failed to make inroads into the solidly pro-Trump GOP base, and Gingrich thinks it’s “unhelpful” for her to keep running and, inevitably, keep trying to land blows on the man who’ll end up as the Republican nominee.

In fact, Gingrich openly said that as far as he’s concerned Trump is the nominee. He called on Haley to swing behind Trump and “become part of the effort to beat Joe Biden.” If Haley takes his advice, she might at least accomplish something this year. After all, she’s a talented and energetic politician, and she could help beat Joe Biden. On the other hand, she certainly isn’t going to beat Donald Trump.

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