Former Trump CFO Sentenced to Five Months in Jail

( – When New York Attorney General Letitia James sued former President Donald Trump for civil fraud, she brought charges against several of his associates, too. This included his former chief financial officer, Allen Weisselberg. Weisselberg, 76, was ultimately ordered to pay $1 million in penalties and barred from serving any New York company in any financial capacity. However, District Attorney Alvin Bragg charged the former CFO with two counts of perjury, when it came to light that he made false statements during his disposition and testimony. He has now been sentenced for these offenses.

In a very short hearing — lasting no more than three minutes — Judge Laurie Peterson sentenced Weisselberg, who pleaded guilty to the perjury charges, to five months in prison. This was the recommendation issued by Bragg, which the defense agreed to. Weisselberg was present for the hearing but declined to say anything when asked if he had any comments.

The perjury charges stem from comments the former CFO made about the overvaluation of Trump’s triplex apartment. During questioning by the New York AG’s office in 2020, Weisselberg claimed he initially learned about it from a report in Forbes, but Bragg’s office claims he knew about it all along.

Weisselberg admitted to lying when he learned the true size of the triplex and making false statements about being present when Trump overstated the square footage. He also confessed to lying during a deposition when he downplayed his involvement in valuing the property. The judge in the case, Arthur Engoron, said Weisselberg lacked credibility, noting his testimony was “highly unreliable” as well as “intentionally evasive.”

After the most recent sentencing, Seth Rosenberg, Weisselberg’s attorney, said he “now looks forward to the end of this life-altering experience and to returning to his family and his retirement.”

This will be his second stint behind bars in two years. With good behavior, Weisselberg could be out in as little as 100 days.

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