Celebrity Chef Goes Missing on Pregnant Wife, Internet Tracks Him Down

(RepublicanJournal.org) – A pregnant Massachusetts woman faced a nightmare scenario when her husband suddenly vanished and stopped responding to her messages. The potential deadbeat dad was in for an unpleasant surprise of his own, though. His resourceful wife turned to the internet to find him — and she tracked him down in a matter of hours.

In early 2023, British-born chef Charles Withers, who has lived in the US for more than a decade, walked out of the Massachusetts home he shared with his wife Ashley McGuire — and never came back. McGuire’s attempts to contact him all failed, and she began divorce proceedings, but with no contact with her missing husband it was “really tough and drawn out.”

Finally, in desperation, McGuire decided to start hunting online. She posted a message on the Facebook group “Are we dating the same guy?” explaining her situation. Under a photo of Withers she wrote, “he decided being a husband and a dad wasn’t the lifestyle he wanted anymore,” and called for help finding him. She explained that Withers had left the state and changed his phone number, adding that he was “British and charming AF.”

Unfortunately for Withers, as well as being charming, he’s also quite recognizable. In 2022, he appeared on the Food Network’s “Chopped” show, so his face was no secret. When McGuire asked for anyone who knew him to get in touch, replies quickly started coming in.

Less than a day after posting her first message McGuire was back on Facebook, saying that while she thought people from her area might still have had contact with Withers she “absolutely did not expect this.” She said she’d had hundreds of messages and already had “more than enough information to locate him.”

Then, Withers himself got in touch, prompting her to take down the Facebook appeal. She went on to ask people not to harass Withers or threaten him in any way, saying she just wanted to finalize her divorce so she and her children could move on, adding that because she has her children “I think I win regardless.”

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