Rob Schneider Endorses RFK Jr.

( – Independent presidential candidate Robert F. Kennedy Jr. seems to have gained a celebrity supporter. Actor and comedian Rob Schneider has told Fox News he’s backing Kennedy. He believes the outsider is the only candidate who understands what matters to the American people.

On April 8, Schneider, who became famous as part of the “Saturday Night Live” cast in the 1980s and 90s, appeared on Fox and Friends. There, he said he’s backing Kennedy — who he called a friend — because the controversial lawyer is talking about issues that could make a difference to ordinary people’s lives.

He cited health care as one example of Kennedy policies he agrees with, saying “We spent five times more [on health care] than they do in Europe” but “have way worse results.” Kennedy has promised to preserve religious vaccine exemptions and focus on keeping Americans healthy instead of expensively treating chronic illnesses.

Schneider identified the biggest problem facing the US as the “entrenched power” of the Democratic Party, which he says has revealed itself as “not the party of the people.” He accused the Dems of being “the party of forever wars… and censorship.”

Kennedy has been under fire from the party since he stepped forward as a candidate, first for the Democrats and then, last October, opting to run as an independent. His former party seems worried at how many liberal votes he could attract. When he announced tech entrepreneur Nicole Shanahan as his running mate in late March, the Democratic National Committee immediately ran a conference call, sparking accusations they were now in “panic mode.”

Pennsylvania Lieutenant Governor Austin Davis (D) has described RFK Jr as a “spoiler” who endangers President Biden’s re-election chances.

Schneider disagrees. He says the country is tired of the same old politics, particularly the upcoming Trump-Biden rerun of the 2020 election. Schneider thinks Kennedy offers something new.

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