Rihanna Dresses as a Nun for Photoshoot, Sparking Controversy

(RepublicanJournal.org) – Celebrities are known for doing shocking things to gain attention, whether it’s giving an exclusive interview revealing secrets amid a scandal or a racy photoshoot. One of the most prominent singers of the 21st Century recently upset some people by doing the latter. Now, they are calling her out for making a mockery of religion.

Music star Rihanna recently posed for a cover of Interview Magazine. The title of the cover article is innocuous, “Rihanna is Ready to Confess,” but her choice of outfit has some people up in arms. She’s wearing a habit, a black and white outfit donned by nuns who have dedicated themselves to the church. However, she’s wearing it in quite a provocative fashion with exaggerated makeup on her face and her cleavage bared for all to see. Adding fuel to the fire is a tiny cross emblem on her cheek.

While her cover was revered by some, many people took the opportunity to let the pop star know she went way too far. One Muslim Instagram user questioned how desperate she must’ve been that she couldn’t “do art without messing with other people’s religion.” Others chastised her for using religion as a “marketing toy” and “mocking God.”

There were even calls for people to boycott Fenty Beauty, the singer’s billion-dollar venture. Rihanna insists her spirituality remains intact. She previously raised eyebrows when she appeared at the Met Gala in 2018 wearing a bishop’s hat.

Rihanna isn’t the first to use religion in her marketing, either. Other famous singers, including Sam Smith and rapper Lil Nas, have irked fans and critics alike. Lil Nas caught flak for his song “J. Christ” and for collaborating on Satan-themed sneakers, of which 666 pairs were created.

Sam Smith drew complaints for his performance of his song “Unholy” which featured dancers in scantily clad outfits and those who dressed up in the perceived image of Satan.

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