Trump Says Jews Who Vote Democrat “Hate Their Religion”

( – Former President Donald Trump recently spoke out about the Democrat position on the war in the Middle East, claiming the Left hates Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu. Even more, according to Trump, liberals hate the entire state of Israel, so any Jew who votes Democrat “hates their religion.”

Trump made the statement on the Mar 18, 2024, podcast of “America First,” where he and host Sebastian Gorka discussed topics ranging from the election to the state of the nation under President Joe Biden. The MAGA leader shared his disgust over the many conflicts the US has become involved in over the past few years, starting with the disastrous withdrawal from Afghanistan. He went on to insist that Biden could easily have helped Ukraine avoid war with Russia, but the current US leader is “not much of a chess player.”

The situation in the Middle East is just as serious, and Trump claims Democrats’ attitude toward Netanyahu and Israel is part of the problem. The former president said he truly believes the Left hates Israel, adding that people like Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer — who was once vocal about being pro-Israel — see the number of people protesting for Palestine, and they want to cater to the numbers because they want the votes.

Trump insists that given the above logic, Jewish people who vote liberal should be ashamed because they’re supporting lawmakers who stand against Israel. He added that the conflicts arising all across the Middle East never would have occurred under his watch. He pointed to the billions of dollars the Biden administration released to Iran and alleged that the money has since been used to fund the Islamic extremists’ terror throughout the region.

There was no terrorism during his presidency, according to Trump, because there were no funds to back it. He said Iran couldn’t even make money off its oil. He threatened to bar the US from doing business with China or any other country that bought from the Middle Eastern source.

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