Letitia James Accused of Bullying Women

(RepublicanJournal.org) – Executive of the County of Nassau Bruce A. Blakeman recently filed a lawsuit against New York Attorney General Letitia James, accusing the liberal official of “bullying” women. The move came in response to a cease and desist letter James had sent after Blakeman signed an executive order banning biological males from competing in female sports teams.

Blakeman, along with the County of Nassau and the parents of a local 16-year-old female volleyball player, filed the complaint on March 5, 2024. It states that the county executive signed his order protecting girls on February 22, 2024. Specifically, it limited children’s sports strictly to boys, girls, and coed, with assigned sex at birth being the deciding factor in athletes’ eligibility in gender-based teams. The document adds that the executive order didn’t specifically prohibit transgender individuals from competing in sports, instead merely limiting them to male and coed teams.

Blakeman signed the order so that females could play sports without fear of injuries or other issues that may arise when biological males play against females, noting the indisputable physical differences that give boys a broad competitive edge over girls in many types of matches.

He brings up how hard women had to work to gain recognition in the sporting world, let alone their own teams — where they can have an even playing field as well as opportunities to test their abilities against other women who have also honed their skills. He also brings up a recent report of a female basketball team having to forfeit a game because a biological male identifying as a transgender female injured three of its female players. The coach felt they had no choice but to end the game in order to spare other girls from sustaining similar injuries.

James’ cease and desist letter, dated March 1, 2024, gave Blakeman five days to lift his ban. Instead, he filed the lawsuit. He shared the news on X, formerly known as Twitter, stating that he was taking on the “bullying” to protect women. The fate of transgender athletes competing in New York school programs now rests in the hands of the court.

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