Trump Says He Will Take the Blame for Border Deal Failure

( – Senators are trying to work out a bipartisan deal on our border with Mexico. Former president, and likely 2024 Republican nominee, Donald Trump is getting the blame for much of the opposition to that deal. He doesn’t mind, though — in fact, he’s pleading with his opponents to blame him.

The US Senate is on the verge of agreeing on a bipartisan deal to finally do something about the immigration crisis at the southern border. However, it has opponents on both ends of the political spectrum; many Republicans want the use of “parole,” where illegal immigrants are allowed to live and work in the US, ended.

On the other hand, Democrats want parole to stay because they think it’s an essential tool for protecting migrants. There are serious doubts if the bill can pass the House where Speaker Mike Johnson (R-LA) says if what he’s heard about the bill is true it’s “dead on arrival.”

Trump is making his views very clear. He calls it a “horrible open borders betrayal of America,” and says there’s “zero chance” he’d support it. At a campaign event in Las Vegas, he slammed Congress’s efforts to reach a compromise agreement that will reduce illegal immigration a bit, but leave the roots of the problem in place. Trump is positioning himself firmly on the zero-tolerance side of the illegal immigration debate — and he isn’t bothered about Democrats who’re blaming him for many Republicans being unwilling to compromise on the issue, either.

In fact, he welcomes it. He told his Nevada audience that if senators blame him, “I say, that’s OK. Please blame it on me. Please.” It looks like Trump has calculated that liberal senators criticizing him aren’t going to do any harm to his campaign while taking a hard line on an issue that’s a huge worry to many Americans can only give him an advantage.

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