Members Slam Biden After Iran Attacks Kill Three Americans

( – Drones struck a US base near Jordan’s border with Syria, killing three American service members. President Joe Biden insists that Islamic extremists are behind the attacks, blaming Iranian-backed forces in the region despite its leaders denying any involvement. The president pledged to retaliate against the move, possibly drawing the United States one step closer to officially entering the Middle East’s war. The identities of the deceased are being withheld until officials can notify their families.

The strikes occurred on January 27, causing the deaths and injuring 34 other people. BBC News explains in a clip shared on YouTube that Iran has proxy forces scattered throughout the Middle East. Lebanon has militias, Israel’s West Bank and Gaza have Hamas forces, and the Houthis control territory in Yemen. All are allies to the jihadist cause, which sees Israel and the United States as the enemy.

The US and the UK have been coordinating their efforts against the continued hits for a couple of weeks, taking defensive measures against attacking forces. Recently, a British warship, The HMS Diamond, took down a Houthi drone with a missile after enemy forces went after a tanker trying to cross the Gulf of Aiden. The joint efforts still haven’t swayed the Islamic groups’ efforts, with leaders vowing to continue attacking until Israel declares a cease-fire in Gaza.

The US has been walking a fine line in its attempts to back Israel without plunging head-first into the deep end of the region’s war. Despite the White House’s previous reluctance to become more active in the fighting, Americans stationed in the Middle East have been steady targets for Islamic forces. Reports indicate that the US and its allies have endured 158 attacks since the October 7 escalation in Israel.

Republicans have slammed Biden over the recent losses, blaming the president’s failed policies and questionable choices. They believe his decision to unfreeze $6 billion in Iranian assets has done nothing to improve diplomacy, instead further fueling the Middle Eastern country’s jihadist cause.

Officials are still investigating the January 28 strike.

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