Trump Reveals His Revenge Plan

( – On May 30, former president Donald Trump was convicted of business fraud in a New York court. He isn’t letting that get in the way of his election campaign, though. Talking to journalists after the verdict. he promised to get his revenge — in the way that’s going to hurt Liberals the most.

A Manhattan jury convicted Trump on 34 counts of falsifying business records. Three days later, “Fox and Friends Weekend” aired an interview with Trump, in which he discussed the trial –- and he didn’t pull any punches. He blasted the prosecution as a “scam,” and joked about how a witness against him is allowed to appear on TV shows but Trump isn’t allowed to mention their name. He also pointed out that the case against him could have been brought seven years ago, instead of during his election campaign.

Trump went on to discuss his feelings about the possibility of being sentenced to house arrest or jail at his July 11 sentencing hearing. He said he’s “OK with it,” but warned that the public might not be so tolerant of a presidential candidate being jailed.

Asked if he was planning revenge on his political enemies — who Trump openly blames for his trial — the GOP nominee said he was. However, he isn’t planning to go after them and persecute them the way he’s been hounded himself. Instead, he said, “My revenge will be success” in his election campaign. He added that many of his opponents were “bad,” “sick” and “destructive,” and said if they weren’t going after him they would target someone else.

Trump went on to discuss some decisions he’ll have to make if he’s elected again, including who he might choose as the next US Attorney General. He isn’t revealing names for now but said he does have two in mind. He also admitted he made mistakes with that vital post when he took office in 2017 — so he’s likely to be extra careful this time around.

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