“Never Trump” Voters Shockingly Sway in Trump’s Favor

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(RepublicanJournal.org) – When former president Donald Trump went on trial in New York on business fraud charges, many Democrats confidently expected it to be the end of his 2024 presidential hopes. That expectation should now be fading fast. It seems the weaponization of the legal system against the Republican nominee has appalled many Americans, and even some of Trump’s most determined opponents now plan to vote for him.

On May 30, a Manhattan jury found Trump guilty on 34 counts of falsifying business records. Trump has vowed to appeal, and slammed the trial as a politicized “scam.” Apparently, many voters agree with him; a poll taken right after the verdict showed that 34% of Americans disapprove of the verdict; 77% of Republicans and 43% of independents believe the trial was staged to harm Trump’s election chances.

Now evidence is appearing that people who would never have dreamed of voting for Trump have been energized by the verdict — and they’ve decided to back him. Investor Shaun McGuire donated to Hillary Clinton in 2016; less than an hour after the jury announced Trump’s conviction he gave $300,000 to Trump’s campaign. He went on to tell journalists that the Democrats’ “lawfare” had convinced him they’re more of a threat to democracy than Trump. Lifelong Democrat Kate Nitti said she’s no fan of Trump but has “a huge problem with contorting the law… in the name of ‘saving democracy’.” Houston travel consultant Jack MacGuire says he changed his voter registration from Republican to Democrat because he disliked Trump so much, and voted for Clinton in 2016 — but now the “corruption and deceit” of the trial has pushed him firmly into the MAGA camp “because this has to end.”

Democrats hoped the message that came out of the trial would be that Trump is a criminal. Instead, many Americans have learned a different lesson — that Democrats will use dirty tricks to stay in power.

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