Trump Reacts to “Monumental” SCOTUS Hearing

( – Former President Donald Trump is currently facing multiple civil and criminal cases. He’s currently on trial for allegedly falsifying business records to cover up a hush-money payment, and he’s also facing several charges in relation to the 2020 election. For the latter, he claims his actions were covered under presidential immunity, a claim he’s taken all the way to the Supreme Court. The justices recently heard arguments and Trump believes things will shake out in his favor.

On Thursday, April 25, while Trump was in a courtroom, some of his attorneys were at the nation’s highest court arguing that the former president should have absolute immunity. Justices seemed skeptical of that claim overall, but it’s not clear how they will rule on the case just yet. Some seemed leary, while some seemed to lean toward some kind of immunity, if not absolute.

However, Trump said he “hope[s] it was made clear, that a president has to have immunity,” noting that otherwise “it would be a ceremonial president,” which is “not what the founders had in mind.” He then relayed that he “heard the meeting was quite amazing” and that “[t]he justices were on their game.”

How the Supreme Court rules in this landmark case, US vs. Trump, won’t just impact the former president. It could have a far-reaching effect and some justices worry it could open the floodgates of charges against prior commanders-in-chief. One of the attorneys for Special Counsel Jack Smith’s team, Michael Dreeben, worked tirelessly to argue that this wouldn’t happen.

There are many different ways this case could play out. It could rule presidents have total, partial, or no immunity. However, if the Supreme Court rules presidents have some form of immunity, the justices could send the case back to the lower courts to determine whether that applies to Trump. That could lead to a delay in the trial past the November election.

The SCOTUS is expected to issue its decision on the matter this summer.

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