Adam Schiff Gets Robbed

( – Carjackings and thefts from vehicles have been on the rise for quite some time. They’re especially prevalent in Democratic-led cities. Rep. Adam Schiff (D-CA), who lives in Burbank, California, learned that lesson the hard way during a recent visit to San Francisco.

While Schiff’s car was parked in a downtown-area garage, his luggage, which was in the vehicle, was stolen. His bags contained his formal wear, which he had packed to wear to a fundraising dinner. Schiff still attended the dinner but in casual wear instead of a suit and tie like most attendees.

Locking one’s car is not a deterrent in the Californian city. There has been a series of smash-and-grab auto thefts, leaving vehicles with smashed-in windows and missing valuables. According to CBS News, the San Francisco Police Department reported just under 900 incidents in February. Though that’s a decrease from 1,850 occurrences last July, it’s still quite a hefty figure. Police have long warned people who park in the city to remove valuables from their vehicles. It’s a message Schiff didn’t heed.

In photos that surfaced of the event, Schiff can be seen in a button-down shirt with a hiking vest on top, undoubtedly the most dressed-down person attending. He seemed to take the incident in stride, with attendees saying he appeared unbothered, according to the New York Post.

Speaking to the San Francisco Chronicle, Schiff acknowledges his luggage was stolen, but didn’t want to dwell on the issue, choosing instead to “thank Joe,” referring to Joe Cotchett, a high-profile lawyer backing Schiff’s senate bid. Lee Housekeeper, a spokesperson for Cotchett, said “I guess it’s Welcome to San Francisco,” referring to the congressman’s experience.

Naturally, people on social media had a field day with the news. One user who posted on X, formerly Twitter, said “Democrats have nobody to blame but themselves.”

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