Trump Ally and Attorney Arrested for Leaking Documents

( – An attorney linked to former President Donald Trump has been arrested on charges linked to notorious ballot machine company Dominion Voting Systems. Stefanie Lambert has been named, but not indicted, in the controversial Georgia election interference case against Trump. She’s also facing election interference charges of her own in Michigan. Now she’s fallen foul of federal law enforcement, too.

Lambert’s Legal Crusade

On March 18, Lambert attended a court hearing in Washington, DC in a defamation case brought by Dominion, whose machines were at the center of several ballot-rigging claims in the 2020 presidential election. The company is waging a legal campaign against media outlets and individuals who criticized its computer-controlled vote counters, and Lambert represents Patrick Byrne, a businessman who helped finance the 2020 Arizona ballot audit. Monday’s hearing was part of Dominion’s case against Byrne. As the hearing ended, the judge told Lambert to stay in the courtroom — where she was then arrested by US Marshals.

Lambert has been accused of leaking confidential Dominion emails to Sheriff Dar Leaf of Barry County, Michigan, who launched his own investigation into election fraud. She has admitted giving Leaf the messages, which he then released on social media, but says the documents are evidence and should be disclosed. However, a federal judge has placed a protective order on the documents, which Dominion says Lambert violated by leaking them. The company is now calling for her to be removed from the Byrne case.

This isn’t the first time Lambert has been in legal trouble. Michigan already has an arrest warrant out for her; she has been charged with illegally accessing four voting machines in the state. She has failed to appear for two court hearings in that case.

The day after her arrest, DC Superior Court Magistrate Judge Heide Herrmann released Lambert — but on strict conditions. She had to post a $10,000 bond and immediately go to Michigan and surrender herself there. Lambert’s attorney, Kevin Irving, says she never intended to miss the Michigan hearings; he said there was “some confusion” about her attendance, and added that now she’s been released she would return to the state and surrender to authorities.

Lambert’s arrest has been controversial. While DC prosecutors wanted her held until Michigan sent officers to collect her — which the state was willing to do — other pro-Trump activists have hailed her as a whistleblower and condemned her arrest as attempted intimidation.

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