Ted Lieu Accuses Trump, Mark Cuban Comes to His Defense

(RepublicanJournal.org) – California Rep. Ted Lieu (D) recently attempted to slam former President Donald Trump on X, the social media network formerly known as Twitter. He accused the Republican presidential candidate of lying about his finances after Trump claimed he couldn’t secure a $464 million bond. Mark Cuban shocked users by coming to the MAGA leader’s defense.

Lieu made his bold accusation on March 18. The Representative insisted he knew Trump was lying because he could do math. He said that someone who claims to be a billionaire should be capable of paying a $464 million judgment. Entrepreneur Mark Cuban, known for his investments on ABC’s “Shark Tank” and his low-cost prescription insurance alternative, costplusdrugs.com, was among numerous other posters who chimed in to set Lieu straight.

Cuban began his post with the preface that he was not a Trump supporter. He still felt the need to defend the former president in this instance because Lieu’s argument was seriously flawed. He explained that there’s no way to assess how much actual cash someone with a high net worth has because the two aren’t even remotely the same — especially in today’s economy.

Interest rates have made keeping cash in the bank an unwise investment, so many wealthy people have their assets in other areas. Trump, for example, has most of his wealth locked up in the real estate market, which has had difficulties amid reduced demand for office and retail space and skyrocketing interest rates. His social media app, Truth Social, has reportedly also had problems.

In a separate post, Lieu attempted to shut down arguments explaining the difference between actual and liquid worth by insisting bond companies would back Trump if his assets were actually worth what he said they were. Cuban intervened there, as well, explaining that in today’s real estate market, no company is going to be willing to lend against commercial properties.

Forbes currently estimates Trump’s net value to be roughly $2.6 billion.

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