Trudeau Escorted by Officers After Pro-Palestine Protestors Surround Him

( – Canada’s ultra-liberal prime minister has just learned the hard way that you can never appease far-left activists. Justin Trudeau tried to go out for a meal recently — but was mobbed by protesters who think he isn’t liberal enough. In the end, the police had to clear them away.

Like many other countries right now, Canada is experiencing protests calling for a ceasefire between Israel and Hamas. For once Trudeau, who usually adopts every left-wing cause he can find, isn’t going along with the protesters’ demands — and that’s got them angry. They’re making sure Trudeau knows it, too.

Unlike the US and British governments, Trudeau hasn’t solidly supported Israel since the October 7 Hamas terrorist attack. In fact, he’s been more critical than most Western leaders. For example, he recently angered Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu by calling on the Jewish state to stop the “killing of women, of children, of babies.” Netanyahu had to remind him that Hamas started the war by deliberately massacring civilians, including women, children, and babies.

However, Trudeau hasn’t gone as far as demanding a ceasefire, which is what the protesters want, and they’re trying to pressure him into falling into line.

On November 14, Trudeau went out for dinner to a Chinese restaurant in Vancouver. Unfortunately for him, pro-Palestine activists found out where he was and around 250 of them gathered to protest outside the restaurant. That triggered a major police operation. More than a hundred officers were called in to control, and then disperse, the demonstration. They then escorted Trudeau out of the area.

Canada has seen pro-Palestine demonstrations in most major cities, with many of those protesting being immigrants from the Middle East. At the same time, there have also been counter-demonstrations in support of Israel. Trudeau seems to lean towards the Palestinian side, but he’s now finding out that whatever you do to please the far left, it’s never enough.

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