State Senator Charged With Burglary Facing Calls to Resign

( – On April 22, State Senator Nicole Mitchell (D) was arrested at her stepmother’s house. She allegedly broke in, seeking to recover some of her late father’s items, and was caught red-handed. In the aftermath, authorities charged her with first-degree burglary and released her on her own recognizance. Republicans immediately called for her resignation and now her Democratic counterparts are, too.

In a statement on Thursday, May 30, Ken Martin, who chairs the state’s Democratic-Farmer-Labor Party acknowledged that “Mitchell is entitled to her day in court,” but that “her continued refusal to take responsibility for her actions is beneath her office.” He accused her of “becom[ing] a distraction” not just for the district she serves, but the legislature as a whole. Not only are members of the legislature calling for her to step down, but so is Minnesota Governor Tim Walz (D), according to FOX 9.

After her arrest, Mitchell was stripped of all of her committee assignments and caucus meetings. She also appeared in front of an ethics committee on May 7, where members considered whether she adhered to the conduct required of her as a state senator. She did not speak at this time, invoking her Fifth Amendment right to remain silent. Her attorney instead spoke for her.

Mitchell has denied the allegations against her, saying she only went to her stepmother’s home to check on her because she received indications that all was not well. However, when police found her in the home, she was in the basement dressed all in black. The senator had a backpack with her that contained among other things, two laptops. She told authorities that she was just trying to get some of her father’s belongings because her stepmother had stopped talking to the family and Mitchell wanted those items.

Mitchell is due to appear in court again on June 10 and will appear before the ethics committee again on June 12, where she says she will once again plead the fifth.

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