Biden’s Asylum Executive Order Torn to Shreds by Trump

( – President Biden has issued a new executive order that, he says, will finally improve security at our southern border. The White House claims Biden is acting to secure the border because congressional Republicans have refused. However, GOP nominee Donald Trump’s campaign has blasted the executive order, saying it’s more about asylum than security.

Biden Finally Acts on Border

On June 4, Biden issued a series of new executive orders he says will secure our border and address our “broken immigration system.” The president’s proclamation includes an order “suspending entry” of noncitizens who illegally cross our southern border. The White House claims this will make it easier to remove them. The Justice and Homeland Security departments issued orders alongside Biden’s, restricting the ability of illegals to claim asylum in the US.

The White House press release tried to blame GOP legislators for obstructing the Biden administration’s efforts to control the border. At the same time, the administration is using the courts to block any attempt by states to control illegal immigration. Since Biden took office, border security has been one of the issues that have damaged his reputation. Why is he trying to act tough on the issue now? Could it be because he’s polling badly with the election just five months away?

Former White House press secretary Jen Psaki has just admitted that, yes, that’s what’s happening. On June 5, Psaki, now a host on MSNBC, said the border is “a political vulnerability for the president and his campaign.” She said the executive order was a political necessity. Unfortunately, many Democrats disagree; Biden is under fire from inside his own party. Representative Pramila Jayapal (D-WA) has just accused him of “using the same tools” as the Trump administration.

Trump Campaign Slams Changes

The Trump campaign disagrees — strongly. On June 4, campaign spokeswoman Karoline Leavitt sent out a response to Biden’s executive orders, and she didn’t pull any punches. Leavitt warned that the president’s goal was “amnesty, not border security,” and blasted him for allowing millions of illegals into the country.

She said the executive order would allow more illegals to be released, more quickly. Another point she made was that minors are exempt from enforcement, “giving a green light to child traffickers.” Finally, she highlighted the case of a Venezuelan illegal who shot two NYPD officers this week, injuring both.

Biden has finally taken action on the border, but it appears to be just a last, desperate attempt to boost his poll numbers and not a sincere effort to actually control immigration.

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