Senator Lindsey Graham Added to Putin’s Terror List

( – Sen. Lindsey Graham (R-SC) is reportedly among the 12,000 people named in the Russian state financial monitoring agency’s “terrorists and extremists” list. The former Soviet nation has an arrest warrant out on the South Carolina senator, as well, citing “Russophobic” comments Graham made while he was visiting Ukraine.

The Kremlin’s state media allegedly twisted his words in a May 2023 video, falsely claiming that he said the deaths of Russian soldiers had been money well spent. Graham also blamed Putin for the recent murder of a Russian opposition leader, further provoking the foreign president.

Graham shared about his addition to the list on X, the social media platform formerly known as Twitter. He stated simply, “There goes all my rubles!” along with a link to an article The Guardian published on the story. He appears to address the Kremlin directly in a second, lengthier, post, where he claims Ukraine will see more aid in 2024. He also states that NATO will only grow in the following year and insists the US will designate Russia as a State Sponsor of Terrorism.

Graham recently blamed Putin directly for the death of Russian opposition leader Alexai Navalny, calling the murdered individual “one of the bravest people” he had met. He also addressed President Joe Biden, asking that he ensure the Kremlin’s leader paid for ordering Navalny’s untimely death.

Navalny, who recently died in Russian custody, had been subject to numerous attacks due to his long-standing critical stance on Putin’s government. He lost about 80% of his vision in one eye in 2017, after someone attacked him with an unknown liquid. He was targeted again three years later — only this time, the assailant used a military-grade nerve agent that nearly killed him while he was aboard an airplane. He reportedly went from fine one moment to writhing on the floor, screaming in pain, the next, prompting the pilot to make the life-saving decision to divert the plane to an airport nearby.

Russia’s state financial monitoring agency can only freeze Russian bank accounts, so unless Graham actually has any rubles overseas, his addition to the list is merely symbolic.

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