Eric Adams Ally Abruptly Resigns

( – New York City’s mayor has suffered a setback after a key official suddenly quit. Mayor Eric Adams (D) appointed Marcella Tillett to run a key funding initiative that brings investment into the city and uses it to benefit New Yorkers. Now, after just over a year in the job, she unexpectedly resigned.

For almost 30 years, the Mayor’s Fund to Advance New York City has enlisted philanthropists to invest in public projects, boosting the city’s funding. In October 2022, Mayor Adams appointed Tillett as the fund’s new executive director. Tillett had previously been a senior executive at the Brooklyn Community Foundation, where Adams met her while he was the Brooklyn borough president.

Announcing her appointment he called her “a dedicated public servant and philanthropic powerhouse,” and praised her as someone who could transform the city. Tillett herself promised to bring a “commitment to intersectional racial equity and social justice” to the job.

Now, just 16 months after her appointment, she’s stepped down. Her resignation comes as a complete surprise; apparently, nobody in the city’s government saw it coming. In a statement, City Hall said she stepped down for “personal reasons” and thanked her for her contributions during her tenure. It denied that there was any friction between Tillett and the mayor or any of his team over the projects she had funded. Despite their previous experience of working together, Tillett is a strong supporter of woke ideology, while Adams — a former NYPD captain — has made law and order a keystone of his administration.

So far there’s been no announcement of who will replace Tillett at the head of the Mayor’s Fund. The City Hall statement said she had agreed to stay in the post for several more weeks, allowing for a smooth transition to the next executive director — but her resignation is a blow that Adams, who’s struggling with a flood of illegal immigrants that’s overloading the city’s services, doesn’t need right now.

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