Sean Hannity Relocates to Florida

( – Sean Hannity, a Fox News host who is fed up with progressive policy, recently left his home state for more conservative pastures. The native New Yorker shared with his listeners that he moved to Florida to escape the high taxes, high crime, and excessive regulations that have taken over the Empire State. He says he’s late in the exodus, but he hasn’t met anyone yet who’s regretted the decision.

The announcement came during a Fox News broadcast, which Hannity also shared on his Facebook page. In the clip, he welcomes viewers to 2024 before noting his new location, “the great free state of Florida.” He said he left New York for the long haul, and he’s now enjoying the temperate weather, lower crime rates, and other benefits that have come with his move. Best of all, he no longer has to pay state income tax.

Hannity predicted that the “mass migrations” would continue until the governors in charge of blue states changed their policies. He alleges that the issues they’ve created with their poor management choices are driving people away, and even more are going to leave.

He added that, no matter where citizens live, they can make a difference by participating in the 2024 elections and voting for the issues most important to them. He reminded his viewers that they still have the power to take charge of their leaders and move the country — possibly even the world — in the right direction.

This year’s elections, according to Hannity, are likely to have major impacts. And he claims the outcome is far too uncertain for anyone to be able to predict how it will end. He warns that, no matter who ends up on the GOP’s presidential ticket, Democrats will be sure to sling as much mud as possible while ignoring President Joe Biden’s many failings.

The New York Post shares that Florida saw a 1.6% population boom in July 2023, while New York recently lost roughly 102,000 people in one of the biggest resident decreases in the country’s history.

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