“Royal Family” of Haitian Gang Facing Life in Prison

(RepublicanJournal.org) – The so-called “royal family” that supported violent gang efforts in Haiti faces life in prison. Two members recently pleaded guilty to their charges. Another member has already received their sentence.

Eliande Tunis and Joly “Yonyon” Germine could each get life in prison for their part in supporting one of multiple Haitian gangs, which collectively control an estimated 80% of Port-au-Prince according to the Associated Press. The accomplices allegedly smuggled firearms and ammunition for the 400 Mawozo gang and kidnapped several US missionaries to hold for ransom. Their actions reportedly laid the foundation for the current kingpin, Jimmy “Barbeque” Chérizier, to seize control over the region.

Tunis and Germain were arrested in May 2022 with two other accomplices, Jocelyn Dor and Walder St. Louis, on charges of money laundering, smuggling, and conspiracy. Tunis, Dor, and Louis allegedly shipped shotguns, pistols, rifles, and other weapons to Haiti by hiding them in containers with clothing, shoes, and other items. Germain was reportedly in regular contact with a leader of 400 Mawozo, who decided which types of weapons the gang received from the illegal suppliers. The Department of Justice (DOJ) indicates that Dor is currently serving a 60-month sentence for his part in the scheme. St. Louis is still awaiting his sentencing date.

The four suspects were arrested in October 2021 in Florida. The DOJ says that Tunis is a US citizen. Germain lives in Haiti and has allegedly been running the business for the 400 Mawozo gang from behind prison bars since 2018. Dor and St. Louis are Haitian citizens who were residing in Orlando and Miami, respectively.

The 400 Mawozo gang has admitted to kidnapping 16 US citizens, five of whom were children, who were doing missionary work at a Haitian orphanage. Fox News states that the criminals demanded $1 million for each hostage. Chérizier, in a coordinated effort with other local gangs, recently orchestrated a jailbreak, which led to 4,000 inmates running free. At least nine people died as a result of the violence.

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