J.R. Majewski Throws in the Towel

(RepublicanJournal.org) – An Ohio Republican has dropped out of a congressional race after causing a controversy. JR Majewski upset podcast listeners with “insensitive” remarks about the Special Olympics, and faced censure from party officials. At first he vowed to continue his campaign, but now he’s changed his mind.

Last month JR Majewski, who was running in the GOP race for Ohio’s 9th Congressional District, discussed online debates on a podcast. He told listeners that “arguing on the internet is like being in the Special Olympics. No matter how good you perform, you’re still f*****g retarded at the end of the day.” Predictably, that didn’t go down well with everyone who heard it. On February 26 the Lucas County Republican Party announced it was censuring Majewski for his “reprehensible” comments.

Majewski initially insisted he would still run despite pressure from other Republicans for him to withdraw; on February 28 he said it was “important” he stayed in the race and accused his critics of “threats” and “corruption. He blasted “the swamp” and its media allies, and condemned their “vicious attempt to quite literally write my resignation” –- probably a reference to the Lucas County GOP. In a more placatory vein he also made a public apology, saying his comments were “mistakes” and praising Special Olympics programs.

It seems the pressure got too much for him, though, because on March 2 he confirmed he was dropping out after all. He insisted he would still have “a great shot” at winning the election, but other Republicans don’t share his optimism. The challenge in the 9th District is to unseat Representative Marcy Kaptur, who’s held the seat since 1982; Majewski ran against her in 2022, but lost after claiming to be an Afghanistan combat veteran when in fact he’d spent his only USAF deployment loading cargo planes in Qatar. Majewski thinks he’d have done better this time, but nobody else does.

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