Robyn Bernard Found Dead in Open Field

( – Actress Robyn Bernard, best known for her portrayal of Terry Brock on ABC’s “General Hospital,” has died. Few details are available on the late soap opera star’s death, but police did disclose that they found her body in an open field behind a local business. She had been out of the spotlight for over two decades before her mysterious death.

The Riverside County Sheriff’s Office issued a press release on the discovery, stating that Bernard died on March 12, 2024. It adds that she was 64 years old at the time of her passing and notes that the office already notified her next of kin of the news.

Bernard’s IMDb page indicates that she last performed in 2002, in the role of “psychologist” in “Voices From the High School.” She appeared in the comedy “Kings for a Day” five years earlier, and the actress played a concierge in a single episode of “Maigret” five years prior to that.

Her “General Hospital” role spanned from 1984 to 1990, appearing in 145 episodes. She had a handful of other small roles under her belt, with her most noteworthy appearances being bit parts in “The Facts of Life” and “Simon and Simon.” She reportedly lost touch with her fans as she fell out of the public spotlight.

The unusual circumstances surrounding Bernard’s death have brought about speculations over the actress’ last days. Action Eye News LIVE alleges on Facebook that she was homeless in her final years. The Daily Beast corroborates the story, stating that the actress had lived in a mobile home following her run on “General Hospital” but may have lost the place after it caught fire.

TMZ reports that police identified Bernard by her fingerprints. Her autopsy was scheduled for March 13, but results of the toxicology screening could still take weeks to complete.

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