Republicans Furious With Biden for Connecting Ukraine and Israel

( – President Joe Biden recently delivered remarks on the war between Israel and Hamas as well as the ongoing conflict between Russia and Ukraine. His choice to tie the two together — particularly in opting for a joint package supporting their war efforts — has some Republicans furious. They see the move as a way to force the Right into continuing to support funding to Ukraine.

Congress has been sitting on Biden’s proposal to send Ukraine $24 billion in aid since August, with a growing number of Republicans feeling the US could put that money to better use by securing its southern border. Many also feel strongly about supporting Israel, so a new proposal combining relief for both countries puts them in a difficult position.

Even more inciting, The Guardian shared rumors that Biden’s proposal would probably favor Ukraine, with roughly $60 billion likely to go to the war-torn European country — but only $10 billion going to Israel. And with chaos still ruling the House over who their next Speaker will be, even getting a vote on the package could be easier said than done.

ABC News reports that at least 1,400 Israelis and 4,300 Palestinians have died in the Hamas clash. Numbers of both Russian and Ukrainian deaths have been harder to pin down, as both sides have been hesitant to report, but BBC News states that Moscow has lost somewhere between 5,937 and 15,000 troops and Kyiv has lost about 9,000 people in their war.

Former President Donald Trump reportedly slammed Biden’s efforts. He said in a statement through his campaign that the country was moving toward World War III. He compared Biden to Neville Chamberlain, who served as prime minister of Britain between 1937 and 1940 and — much to the detriment of many regions — made appeasing moves toward Hitler in hopes of defusing the power-hungry Nazi leader. He also accused Biden of being “an arsonist” who keeps promising to save the world but instead has “set [it] on fire.”

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