Palestinian Activist Dumps Box of Rodents in a McDonald’s

( – Palestinians have set their sights on a handful of corporations they believe are too sympathetic to Israel’s cause, and they’re calling for widespread boycotts. One activist recently targeted a McDonald’s in England, entering the establishment with a box of rodents, which he promptly set loose inside the dining area.

The activist, who wore a Palestinian flag on his head, had an accomplice film the act, which he posted on social media. London & UK Street News shared the bizarre clip on X, the platform formerly called Twitter.

The video, dubbed with lively ethnic music, begins by showing three bins filled with mice, each painted a color from the Palestinian flag. A man shows fake license plates matching those on the back of his car, which read “PAIISTN” and “Free Palestine” in small text beneath it. He opens the hatchback of his vehicle, revealing a box containing the painted mice, carries the box into the McDonald’s restaurant, and releases the tiny animals inside.

An image then pops up on the screen telling viewers to boycott “the big three” brands that allegedly support “Israeli apartheid.” The activist ends the video by showing himself calling another individual and reporting the act complete.

West Midlands Police posted its own X message on the event, calling it “not acceptable” and noting the distress it caused. Fox News reports that protesters targeted McDonalds because a franchise in Israel donated 100,000 meals and offered 50% discounts for Israeli Defense Force soldiers.

Starbucks and Disney are also reportedly at the top of the Palestinian’s boycott list. Starbucks recently sued its worker’s union for sharing a post with the company’s intellectual property that included “Solidarity with Palestine” text. The Walt Disney Co. recently offered $1 million to Israeli affiliates and promised another $1 million to regional nonprofit companies serving the area.

Other companies pro-Palestinian activists are boycotting include Airbnb, Burger King, CeraVe, Coca-Cola, Dasani, Dominos, Nestle, Pepsi, Papa John’s, Pizza Hut, Nike, Subway, and Walmart.

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