Ozzy Gives Sad Update, Says the End Is Near

(RepublicanJournal.org) – Heavy metal superstar Ozzy Osbourne has struggled with health issues for decades, but the singer admits that he feels more uncertain than ever about his future. He said in a recent update that he believes he has less than 10 years left, but he’s grateful for his life and the fans who helped him live his dream.

The sad news came in an interview Osbourne gave with Rolling Stone UK. The music star said he doesn’t fear dying, but he does fear the idea of prolonged suffering from a terminal illness. He’s dealt with Parkinson’s disease — a progressive neurological condition that often affects movement and balance, can cause painful muscle stiffness and rigidity, and sometimes affects cognitive and mental health — since around 2003. The singer has also suffered from long-standing damage to his back from a quad bike crash he was in about 20 years ago. He’s had four surgeries, and doctors found a tumor on his spine during their most recent attempt to fix the problem.

Osbourne expressed the hope that he might regain enough of his health to do one final farewell tour. He views performing as a “relationship,” one he longs to continue. He’s also facing the possibility that he might never get the chance ever again to do what he loves the most. The heavy metal sensation noted that he didn’t feel comfortable returning to the stage in a wheelchair, which he feels would only be begging for sympathy.

Beginning his career as the frontman for the iconic heavy metal band Black Sabbath, Osbourne has been entertaining headbangers for 50 years. He began his solo career in 1979, according to his biography, which explains that substance abuse issues and other problems broke up the band. He continued to enjoy success on his own, and his career received a major boost in 2002 following the debut of “The Osbournes,” a reality television program that ran until 2005. Osbourne and Black Sabbath briefly reunited that same year, at which time the band was inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame.

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