Kathy Griffin Upset After Trump Caravan Crashes Her Show

(RepublicanJournal.org) – Comedian Kathy Griffin recently returned to the stage, much to the ire of Trump fans all across the country. MAGA supporters in New York crashed her show with a loud caravan that spanned down the block in front of the venue.

Griffin recently returned to comedy following a hiatus, after pictures from a photo shoot in 2017 featuring her with a mock severed head of then-President Donald Trump put her out of work for years. Griffin not only found herself canceled in response to the stunt, but she also ended up on the country’s no-fly list and was investigated by the Secret Service.

The comedian claims she developed complex post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) as a result of her ordeal and began suffering lengthy panic attacks. She reportedly isolated for months at a time. The liberal celebrity also began abusing prescription pills.

The experience led to Griffin’s latest tour: “My Life on the PTSD-List,” which she discussed with KING 5 Seattle shortly after its launch. She claimed during the interview that she hadn’t “learned [her] lesson” from the cancellation — and if anything, the comedian has “gotten worse.” Still, she alleges that she was seriously traumatized by the response to her last big attention grab, which kept her off the stage for years. She states that a lung cancer diagnosis in 2021 “didn’t help” matters.

Griffin’s decision to continue performing has Trump supporters fuming. The recent protest caravan featured several visual displays protesting her new show. One woman carried a mock severed Kathy Griffin head along with a sign that read, “PTSD is not comical.” A second protestor with a fake head carried a sign stating, “Hang all traitors.” Many of the cars had fake police lights and horns, which they blared as they passed the venue. Another had images of Trump in its windows and was adorned with stickers to look like the president’s official vehicle. Others waved US flags and Trump 2024 banners.

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