Bomb Squad and Secret Service Respond After Suspicious Activity at Biden Aide’s Home

( – The Bomb Squad and Secret Service agents went to a Biden Aide’s home in Washington, DC, after protesters engaged in suspicious activity. Reports on the incident have been vague, but an Instagram message shows Pro-Palestinian demonstrators dumped a pile of manure in front of the official’s residence to denounce his stance on the Israel-Hamas war.

Officials told The New York Post that they received a “report of a suspicious package” close to White House National Security Advisor Jake Sullivan’s home at roughly 8:30 a.m. on March 25. DC’s Metropolitan Police Department’s Explosive Ordnance Disposal team cleared the scene, but they also indicated that the matter was still under investigation.

An Instagram video from two pro-Palestinian groups recorded the demonstration. The footage shows at least three protesters surrounding the “package,” which is a pile of horse dung in the center of the street. One of them stakes a sign into the pile. The message isn’t in English, but a sign behind it is. It notes that Yoav Gallant, Israel’s minister of defense, seeks more weapons, then adds that “the people deliver s***.”

The poster writes that the Biden administration’s claims to care about the lives of Palestinians are lies. The protesters note that officials say they want to end the killing, and yet they continue to supply Israel with the weapons to commit their alleged “genocide.”

Sullivan was scheduled to meet with Gallant at the White house on that same day, so the two could discuss their continued game plan against Hamas. Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu was supposed to join in talks with the Biden administration, but he abruptly canceled the trip amid breaking news that the US voted alongside the rest of the United Nations to demand an immediate ceasefire.

Sullivan is among White House officials who have vocally supported Israel’s attacks on Hamas. He recently stated that the US had no place ending the war while Gaza still held hostages. The aide insists that Gallant is committed to minimizing the humanitarian crisis while remaining focused on freeing hostages and eliminating Hamas.

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