Hollywood Actor Slams Third Party Voters, Says They Are Ruining America

(RepublicanJournal.org) – A top Hollywood director and Actor has launched a bizarre rant against Americans who don’t vote for one of the main parties. According to Rob Reiner, who played Meathead in the 70s sitcom “All in the Family” before going on to direct a string of hit movies, third-party voters are destroying democracy. Of course, it turns out he can tell us the only democratic way to cast our votes.

On November 12, Reiner, the 76-year-old director of movies including “This Is Spinal Tap,” “When Harry Met Sally” and “A Few Good Men,” posted a furious message on X (formerly Twitter) to tell the world that a vote for the non-partisan group No Labels, or any one of a list of independent candidates he named, “is a vote for Trump.”

Just in case we were left in any doubt about who to vote for, Reiner finished his rant by saying “The only vote not for Trump is a vote for Biden.” Reiner returned to this theme on November 15, saying “If you vote for anyone but Joe Biden, you are voting to destroy American Democracy.”

Of course, not everyone will agree that the only way to preserve democracy is to vote for the candidate preferred by an aging movie director. Some Americans might cling to the idea that the whole point of democracy is that everyone can choose which candidate to vote for. According to Reiner, though, voting for independents like Robert F Kennedy Jr, Green leader Jill Stein, or whoever No Labels decides to run — possibly Senator Joe Manchin (D-WV) — is an attack on democracy. Only a vote for Biden is legitimate.

In fact, many people would argue that the real threat to American democracy is the dominance of the two main parties and the system that makes it almost impossible for third-party candidates to get anywhere. In 2020, the leading third-party candidate, Libertarian Party nominee Jo Jorgensen, got just 1.18% of the vote. All the others attracted 0.67% between them. It’s hard to see the tiny number of third-party voters as a threat to our whole system of government.

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