Billie Eilish Receives Restraining Order After Family Threatened

( – Electropop and Gothic rockstar Billie Eilish obtained a restraining order in response to continued threats against her friends and family members. A stalker had been sending disturbing messages to the singer and her loved ones through social media, escalating to threats of violence over her unwillingness to reciprocate his alleged affection.

The Los Angeles Times reports that 53-year-old Shawn Christopher McIntyre sent Eilish hundreds of messages starting in September. He also sent notes to her mother and the performer’s good friend Zoe Donahue. In his letters, McIntyre insists that he loves Eilish and often extends bizarre threats to her brother Finneas Baird O’Connell. One message apologizes for the possible fate of the singer’s brother, implying that she might face tragedy if she doesn’t pay the stalker a visit “soon.”

McIntyre even reportedly terrorized Eilish at her own private home. The Times states that a man the singer’s security team identified as the stalker came up to her property and buzzed the intercom multiple times. Corresponding security camera footage showed the man behind the front gate. He roamed the area for a while, speaking on his phone at times, and then finally planted himself in front of the security gate. Eilish reportedly hired private security guards in response to the stalker’s repeated threats.

Eilish has had to resort to similar desperate measures in the past. ABC 7 News states that she obtained a restraining order against a different fan in February after 39-year-old Christopher A. Anderson repeatedly stalked the singer’s parents at her childhood home.

According to reports, the suspect made attempts to contact the residents at their front door, and then remained on the premises when no one responded. He also allegedly brought leftovers, apparently for Eilish, as well as flowers. He even once slid his phone under the gate, so he could come by later and try to force a meeting with the music star as he retrieved it. He also allegedly broke into the residence and went through the owners’ belongings. Police arrested the man on charges of burglary following the break-in.

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