Green Party Candidate Arrested at Protest

( – Jill Stein, the Green Party candidate in this year’s presidential election, has been arrested following a university protest. Stein joined an anti-Israel demonstration and police moved in when things turned rowdy. The 73-year-old allegedly assaulted a police officer.

On April 27, Stein, currently making her third attempt to become the first Green Party president, attended a protest at Washington University in St Louis. Anti-Israel protesters at the Missouri college are demanding that it get rid of its investments in Boeing, which has a factory in St. Charles, Missouri, manufacturing military aircraft and missiles.

Protesters claim Israel is using some of those weapons in its war in Gaza, which Stein called an “ongoing genocide.” The protest, based around an encampment of mostly student demonstrators, is one of several that have erupted across college campuses recently. Since mid-April, hundreds of people have been arrested, as the protests have disrupted classes and intimidated Jewish students.

At the St. Louis demonstration, the far-left candidate was among a group of protesters ordered to leave the campus. They refused, and police moved in to arrest them. Over 80 were detained — some reports say more than 100 — including Stein, campaign manager Jason Call, and deputy campaign manager Kelly Merrill-Caye. Stein later posted a video of her being arrested and said she’s been charged with assaulting a police officer.

In a statement after his arrest, Call said Stein’s campaign “supports the demands of the students” and said protests are “the best part of our collective moral conscience.” Jewish Americans might disagree, though. One Jewish student says protesters at Princeton University have chanted antisemitic slogans and waved the flag of terrorist group Hamas. He described the demonstrators’ ideology as “moral rot” — and warned that many students are afraid to criticize the extremists because professors at the college are backing up the protests.

Stein’s participation in the St. Louis protest is a reminder that, while Greens base their platform on environmental issues, they’re also far-left extremists with some dangerous opinions.

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