GOP Rep. Flies to Israel, Has Bad News Regarding American Hostages

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( – In 2021, President Biden faced harsh criticism for not doing enough to get US citizens out of Afghanistan. You’d think he’d have learned from that, but apparently not. Now a Republican congressman says he isn’t doing enough to get US citizens out of Israel, either.

On October 7, Hamas terrorists broke through Israel’s border defenses and slaughtered at least 1,200 people in an appalling orgy of violence. Many of the dead were foreign citizens, including young people massacred at a music festival. At least 22 Americans are dead, with 17 others missing. Thousands more US citizens are still in the country, and many of them want to leave. Unfortunately, the Biden administration doesn’t have a clue about how to rescue them.

Representative Cory Mills (R-FL) didn’t wait for the White House to stop dithering. Instead, he decided to do something about it himself. Most flights in and out of Israel have been canceled, but Mills didn’t let that stop him. On October 10 he flew to Jordan, then crossed the border into Israel and collected 32 American citizens identified by his contacts inside the country. The next day he hired a bus to take them to Jordan, where they could book flights home. On October 12 he headed back into Israel, collected another 45 Americans then brought them out too.

This isn’t the first time Mills, a former paratrooper in the 82nd Airborne Division and later a defense contractor, has used his own money to rescue trapped Americans. In 2021, he went into Afghanistan with only an interpreter for support, picked up an Afghan-American woman and her three children, and brought them out overland — a daring rescue the Biden administration then tried to take credit for.

So far, all Biden has done is advise Americans to take commercial flights out of Israel — but he didn’t do that until after the major airlines canceled all services. Mills says stranded citizens are “getting nowhere” with the administration, so he decided to act. He added, “We talk about the difference between statesmen and politicians. One acts and one talks.”

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