Gina Carano Sues Disney

( – Disney and Lucasfilm are facing a free speech lawsuit that challenges the movie industry’s deep-rooted liberal bias. Actress Gina Carano, backed by tech entrepreneur Elon Musk, is suing the corporations for discrimination and wrongful termination. She says she was fired from the popular Disney show “The Mandalorian” after sharing right-wing opinions on social media.

Disney Fires Carano

In the first two seasons of the Star Wars spinoff “The Mandalorian,” one of the most popular characters was Cara Dune, a former rebel soldier turned mercenary played by Carano. However, on February 10, 2021, Disney let the star go. The apparent reason was posts she’d made on social media, which the studio’s subsidiary Lucasfilm called “abhorrent and unacceptable.”

Plenty of celebrities make political posts on social media, but there was one significant difference with Carano’s — her politics are right of center. In late 2020, she was attacked online by activists for not publicly supporting the Black Lives Matter movement; she refused to back down. Weeks later she came under pressure to add her “gender pronouns” to her Twitter profile. Exasperated, she added “beep/bop/boop” to her profile; leftist activists immediately accused her of transphobia, even though she insisted she was highlighting bullying by people who force others to include pronouns.

She criticized mask mandates during the 2020 pandemic, specifically their impact on making movies. Finally, in February 2021, she shared an Instagram post pointing out that hating people because of their political views is similar to what the Nazis did; Lucasfilm, who apparently believes that hating someone for their political views is just fine, fired her.

Musk Steps In

In 2023, Elon Musk, the new owner of Twitter (now renamed X) started working to remove the anti-conservative discrimination that had been rampant on the platform under its previous owners. As part of that, he promised to support anyone who was discriminated against because of something they’d posted on X. Carano, whose Twitter posts were a big part of the controversy that got her fired, was an obvious candidate.

Now, Musk is keeping his end of the bargain; he’s bankrolling Carano’s lawsuit against her former employers. Senior X executive Joe Benarroch confirmed this, saying “As a sign of X Corp’s commitment to free speech, we’re proud to provide financial support for Gina Carano’s lawsuit.” Carano herself says she has the “deepest gratitude” for the South African-born billionaire’s support. Now she’s looking for $75,000 in compensation for losing her role in “The Mandalorian.”

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