Former US Official Arrested for Actions on Jan. 6

( – A US official who was employed with the State Department during the January 6 Capitol riot was recently arrested for his alleged involvement in the event. Authorities implemented cell phone tracking technology to identify the individual along with numerous other suspects, and photo evidence from inside and around the building reportedly confirmed the official’s presence.

Kevin Alstrup, who worked as a diplomatic security officer for the US Department of State, is up against four misdemeanor charges for his alleged actions on January 6. Court documents indicate that his counts include:

  • Disorderly conduct in a Capitol Building.
  • Disorderly and disruptive conduct in a restricted building or grounds.
  • Parading, demonstrating, or picketing in a Capitol Building.
  • Entering and remaining in a restricted building or grounds.

US Magistrate Judge G. Michael Harvey signed the warrant on February 2, 2024, and police took him into custody four days later.

The FBI obtained a warrant to identify the devices inside the Capitol Building during the riot, which led them to Alstrup. They found images in the suspect’s social media posts that backed up the notion that he had participated in the event. Photos taken by other attendees also appear to include him taking pictures of rioters entering the Capitol through a broken window, and he also reportedly showed up in images from a police body cam just outside.

FBI officials allege that Alstrup was in the building for 28 minutes. The Daily Beast notes that he hasn’t been accused of stealing anything from the grounds or assaulting any officers, but given his background, he should have known better than to participate in the breach. He no longer works for any federal agency.

The US Department of Justice indicates that over 1,265 people have been charged with offenses related to the January 6 event. An estimated 718 have pleaded guilty, and another 139 have been found guilty at trial.

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