English Artist in Recovery After Intestine “Nearly Exploded”

(RepublicanJournal.org) – An English artist is recovering from surgical complications that caused her small intestine to come close to bursting. She fell ill while traveling for a recent art tour, making an emergency stop in Thailand to recover. The artist is reportedly stabilized, comfortable, and recovering at a luxury hotel on Phuket, one of Thailand’s islands, until she’s well enough to fly home.

Tracey Emin, a well-known 60-year-old artist from England, recently traveled to Australia to attend the National Gallery of Victoria’s Triennial. She began experiencing complications from a prior intestinal surgery, which left her with scar tissue, while she was on her way back to the UK. She reportedly also had an infection, which the artist claims became worse from air travel, stating that her small bowel “nearly exploded.”

Emin shared the details of her account on Instagram. She noted that she hadn’t posted for quite a while because of her hectic schedule and health problems, but she wanted to let her fans know that despite the physical setback, she was on the road to recovery. She wrote that she was fortunate to be in Thailand when her infection came to a head, adding that she received “very good” medical care. She claims the ordeal spent “another one of [her] 9 lives,” but she considers herself lucky because she is currently pain-free. The artist expressed her gratitude to both the hospital that treated her and the hotel where she stayed while she finished recovering.

The Royal Academy states that Emin was one of several contemporary visionaries who were known as the Young British Artists — who worked collectively to showcase their work in 1988 — although her first exhibit, “Sensation,” debuted the previous year. The artist’s subversive feminist angle, which has also often taken a gritty confessional approach, helped propel her to fame early in her career. She’s used several different forms of media including drawing, painting, photography, sculpture, video, and neon text to make her points. “My Bed,” which included putting her own bed on display at the Tate Gallery in 1988, surrounded with cigarette boxes, liquor bottles, and intimate items, is one of her most notable exhibits.

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