Celebrity Files to Run for US Senate

(RepublicanJournal.org) – Cara Castronuova, who rose to celebrity status as a fitness trainer on USA network’s “The Biggest Loser,” has her sights set on bigger goals. The conservative celebrity wants to run for the US Senate in New York, and she says she has enough signatures to get her name on the ballot. She and businessman Josh Eisen recently filed petitions to qualify for the upcoming primary.

The two hope to compete against retired New York Police Department detective Mike Sapraicone, who is already officially running for the Senate position. Both had filed bids for the Republican nomination, but the GOP convention ultimately chose Sapraicone as its front-runner with about 84% of the weighted delegates’ vote. Neither gained the 25% necessary to automatically put their names on the ballots. Castronuova and Eisen both refused to accept the decision, prompting their petitions.

The alternate path to the ballot requires hopefuls to collect at least 15,000 signatures from GOP voters, with at least 100 of them to cover each of 13 of New York’s 26 congressional districts. Castronuova turned in over 3,500 pages of signatures on April 4. Eisen turned in roughly 1,500 pages.

Castronouva sued the state of New York State Republican Party and the state Board of Elections on April 2, alleging the 15,000-signature minimum is too great for most people to reasonably meet. She claims the requirement is as undemocratic as it is unconstitutional. At that time, she had collected over 13,500 signatures.

The GOP could still challenge Castronuova’s petition — a possibility the celebrity trainer sees as likely. “The parties don’t like primaries,” she stated. “The Biggest Loser” star has the endorsement of former President Donald Trump.

Whoever wins the GOP primary will likely battle against Sen. Kirsten Gillibrand (D), who has had the seat since 2009. The incumbent beat out conservative Chele Farley in 2018 with 67% of the vote, meaning the competition could be steep regardless of who wins the Republican nomination.

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