US Embassy Attacked by Mortars

( – Islamic resistance against US forces in the Middle East has escalated since Israel’s counter-strike against Palestinians in Gaza. The most recent attack was on the US embassy in Baghdad. No one was hurt, but the strike reportedly left some structural damage.

The attack occurred on December 8 at roughly 4:15 a.m. according to Fox News. Several spots within the embassy’s compound suffered impacts, and additional rounds landed in a nearby river. Officials first reported the explosions as the result of rockets, but they later determined mortar fire was responsible. A spokesperson from the Pentagon stated that seven or more 60 mm rounds landed inside the embassy grounds. The areas hit contained coalition offices.

No group took responsibility for the assault, but according to the Washington Institute, that’s common practice in the area. Groups against US involvement in the Middle Eastern region began fighting under the umbrella of the “Islamic Resistance in Iraq” around the middle of October 2023 in retaliation against the US support of Israel’s strikes leveling much of Gaza, which have reportedly killed over 13,000 people. Members apparently see the US as responsible for much of the destruction, and they’ve struck US targets in Iraq and Syria 98 times in protest. Most of the attacks have involved the deployment of drones and/or rockets.

The Atlantic Council states that the US currently has 2,500 troops in Iraq and 900 in northeast Syria in the ongoing effort to fight the Islamic terrorist group ISIS. American forces have struck back against some of the terrorists’ recent assaults. A counter-strike on November 21 killed five members of the Islamic Resistance, one of whom it named a “martyr” in the fight against indoctrination by “American occupying forces in Iraq.”

Despite a cease-fire being called in Gaza on November 24, the region was far from peaceful. Fox News reports in a separate article that United Nations Secretary-General António Guterres distributed a letter to the Security Council on December 6 once again calling for an end to the fighting and the deployment of meaningful humanitarian operations throughout the region.

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