US Border Stormed, Guards Knocked Over

( – A group of over 300 illegal immigrants stormed the Texas-Mexico border during a clash that ended with at least one arrest for assault. The mob tore away several feet of razor wire-enforced fencing before barreling past Texas National Guardsmen and rushing toward the border wall. Customs and Border Protection (CBP) increased patrols in the El Paso area following the illegal entry attempt.

The event occurred on March 21 at Gate 36, with the majority of people who stormed the wall winding up in a processing center on US soil. CBP was able to get the situation under control with little trouble, and officers removed all offenders that same day by 3 p.m.

The New York Post released footage of the attempted breach. Reporter Jennie Taer stated that roughly 600 migrants had assembled at the location, and they had become upset over border officials turning away several single adults.

The footage shows several individuals pushing past members of the Texas National Guard and then dashing toward the metal barrier wall ahead. The migrants manage to get through the crowd at the wall and beg officers on the other side to help them as units move in to contain them.

Agents are sifting through the video to determine who else, if anyone, they should charge with assaulting CBP officers. The law prohibits the state of Texas from arresting migrants simply for crossing the border, which is the job of the federal government, but local officials can charge and imprison people who’ve committed crimes on their turf.

Texas Gov. Greg Abbott (R) recently attempted to challenge the limits on his jurisdiction by signing a bill that would have allowed police in the state to arrest illegal immigrants on the grounds of unlawful entry, but the most recent court decision has the legislation on hold. Abbott maintains that he still has the authority to arrest illegal crossers via trespassing laws.

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