US Allies Recognize Palestinian State, Signaling Bad News for Israel

( – Two US allies, plus neutral Ireland, are planning to recognize Palestine as a state. That will increase pressure on Israel, which is increasingly isolated as its war against the Hamas terror group drags on. It will also give left-wing democrats a new weapon to use in their campaign to cut off US military aid to the Jewish state.

Three Nations Defy Israel

On May 22, the governments of Ireland, Norway, and Spain all confirmed they plan to recognize a Palestinian state on May 28. Norway and Spain are NATO members, and while Ireland is neutral it traditionally has a close relationship with the US, so this means three friendly countries have broken ranks on the controversial issue of Palestinian statehood.

The move follows discussions in the European Union — which Ireland and Spain are members of — about recognizing Palestine. EU members Slovenia and Malta are also planning to recognize it as a state, but haven’t made a formal announcement yet.

The decision by these three countries to recognize Palestine won’t have any actual practical effect; out of 193 United Nations member states, over 140 already do this. However, it piles more diplomatic pressure on Israel at a critical time.

Most Western countries rallied around the Israelis in the aftermath of the October 7 massacre committed by Hamas, but as Israeli military operations in Gaza continue into a seventh month, with inevitable civilian casualties, that support is ebbing away. Even the US, Israel’s most powerful backer since the 1960s, has been stepping away as the Biden administration tries to placate angry pro-Palestinian leftists.

What Does This Mean?

The US, along with Britain and other key allies, thinks the Palestinians should have their own state — but only as part of a negotiated deal involving Israel. However, there has been no diplomatic progress in 15 years, and Israel can’t accept a Palestinian state ruled by the extremists of Hamas. Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu’s government has also been reluctant to allow any progress toward a two-state solution, and the growing radicalism of the Palestinians has played into his hands.

Netanyahu’s administration is unlikely to survive the aftermath of the war because many Israelis blame him for the security failures that led to the October 7 attack. It’s possible that his replacement will manage to restart the negotiations and finally reach an agreement that will give the Palestinians a fully independent nation and the Israelis a guarantee against more genocidal massacres.

However, posturing by European nations won’t achieve that. While this announcement by Ireland, Norway, and Spain is a propaganda victory for Hamas, it won’t magically make a Palestinian nation exist.

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