Two Dead and 26 Injured After Explosion in China

( – An explosion in a downtown location in China left at least two people dead and 26 others injured. It sent shockwaves heavy enough to crumble nearby building facades, tossing massive pieces of debris into the street and damaging nearby cars. Officials suspect a gas leak is to blame, but authorities are still investigating the event. The business at the source of the blast reportedly served fried chicken.

The devastation occurred in Yanjiao, a town in Sanhe County located a little over 50 miles east of Beijing. The blast happened at roughly 8 a.m., littering the streets with glass and other materials. An enormous flame towered over the building where the explosion took place, and heavy plumes of smoke filled the area.

The dashcam on a nearby car recorded the shockwave along with some of the aftermath. In the footage, which the owner reportedly shared on social media, glass rains down from the side of the building immediately after the explosion. A woman runs away from the site, only for a flying piece of metal siding to land on her head and send her flailing to the sidewalk. Others fleeing the explosion site seem too dazed to notice the disoriented and distressed woman to stop and help her. Sources haven’t yet indicated the severity of her injuries, if any.

China Central Television released a state regulation advisory in August 2023 warning consumers about the risks of using appliances that haven’t passed certification. It also notes the risks of improperly installing them, stating that too high of output pressure can cause leaks and lists the dangers that can result from poor maintenance and failure to replace outdated products. News sources haven’t indicated whether any of these factors may have contributed to this most recent blast.

Accidents related to natural gas aren’t isolated to China. Between 2010 and 2021, explosions from gas leaks killed 122 people and injured another 603 in the US. Up-to-date maintenance, smelling for odors, and regular inspections can significantly reduce the risks.

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