Trump’s Adviser Sentenced, Gets Four Months in Prison

( – Peter Navarro, an advisor to former President Donald Trump, was convicted of contempt of court in September 2023. He just received his sentence, which includes four months in prison for ignoring a subpoena from Congress. He immediately filed an appeal following the announcement of his fate.

Navarro was found guilty on two counts for failing to provide the House Select Committee to Investigate the January 6th Attack on the United States Capitol with requested documents and rejecting an order to testify in front of the committee. He faced between one and six months behind bars, with prosecutors pushing for the maximum punishment due to Navarro’s decision to put his “allegiance to former President Donald Trump” before the law according to NBC News. The jury took only four hours to reach their verdict.

In addition to the four months in prison US District Judge Amit P. Mehta imposed on the defendant, the former White House staffer also received a $9,500 fine. The judge reminded Navarro that it was his duty as an American to cooperate with Congress, even if he objected to the investigation. Mehta also chastised the defendant for assuming “executive privilege” would grant him the power to ignore a subpoena.

Navarro claims to be a victim of a “weaponized” justice system. His lawyer, Stanley Woodward, asked the judge to stay the sentencing due to the nature of the case, noting the former advisor thought he was doing his duty and believed Trump had exercised executive privilege. Mehta agreed to read a brief on the argument, giving Navarro one week to provide the document before deciding on the stay. His sentence follows that of another high-profile name surrounding the January 6 case. Steve Bannon, received four months in October 2022. Bannon hasn’t yet served any part of that sentence, which he is currently attempting to overturn.

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