Trump to Address the Libertarian Party

( – Former president Donald Trump hopes November’s presidential election will put him back in the White House, and despite his legal troubles he’s campaigning hard to build up support. The GOP has already backed him overwhelmingly; although Texan tax consultant John Castro is technically still in the race, Trump is already far past the threshold of delegates he needs to secure the Republican nomination. He isn’t taking any chances, though; later this month he’ll be addressing the Libertarian Party convention.

Libertarians Make Surprise Announcement

On May 1, the Libertarian Party put out a press release about their upcoming convention, which is scheduled to take place at the Washington Hilton in Washington, DC from May 23-26. The statement revealed that the Libertarians will “welcome former President Donald J. Trump to the podium,” and added that it’s the first time a former president will directly address the party’s members.

Trump campaign spokeswoman Karoline Leavitt confirmed to reporters that he’ll be appearing at the event. Trump himself was quoted in another Libertarian press release as saying the party’s supporters “are some of the most independent and thoughtful thinkers in our Country,” and calling on libertarians and his own supporters to work together to “advance freedom and liberty.” He added that the goal was to beat President Biden, and said that if libertarians back him for the presidency “the election won’t even be close.”

Other speakers at the Libertarian convention include vaccine skeptic Dr Peter McCullough; filmmaker Gabriel Shipton, who is the brother of Julian Assange; and historian and libertarian activist Robert Breedlove. Several of them hold views that overlap with Trump’s, and he’s likely to try to persuade the audience that by backing him they can ensure the US gets a president that, while not a Libertarian, is a lot more freedom-friendly than the Democrat alternative.

For the Libertarians, Trump’s attendance is a big deal. National chair Angela McArdle said the party has been trying to get their candidates on the same stage as a major party candidate for 50 years; now it’s happening. McArdle says the goal is to “advance the message of liberty.” Trump will be promoting that message, but his priority will be attracting as many Libertarian votes as possible. Recent polling shows him ahead of Biden in all seven key swing states, and his ongoing fraud trial in New York is having little impact on his support. Now he’s building up momentum, and he’ll want to capitalize on that.

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