Trump Team Slams Biden for Mother’s Day Video

( – The presidential election is mere months away, and the two presumed candidates, incumbent Joe Biden and Donald Trump are ramping up their campaigns to draw voters on a number of issues. Biden recently used Mother’s Day to lash out at his opponent. That drew comments from the Trump campaign.

On Mother’s Day, the Biden campaign posted an ad “asking Americans to do the moms in their lives a favor. Stop Trump.” The video, posted on X, formerly Twitter, starts with “Happy Mothers Day … But not from Donald Trump.” It then went on to attack the former president’s stance on several hot-button issues, including fertility, abortion, and mental health.

The Biden campaign posted many clips of the former president speaking and accused Trump of wanting punishment for women who choose to have an abortion and separating immigrant mothers from their children. It also blamed him for families being denied fertility treatments. Then, they pointed to plans the Biden Administration has if they win a second term, including expanding the Child Tax Credit and paid leave.

Not one to take insults lying down, Trump naturally responded to the ad attacking his values. Campaign spokesperson Steven Cheung spoke with Newsweek on Sunday, May 12, calling the video “a disgusting ad” posted on “such a joyous day.” He attacked the president and his campaign, calling them “sad, miserable, [and] cowardly.”

Trump also spoke directly to his supporters in a post on TRUTH Social, calling out the ad’s lies that he wants to monitor pregnancies, calling it fake news made up by Democrats and the media. He said eventually, with the states having the right to set their abortion policies, the “Country will soon start uniting” on the issue.

With the polls showing the two candidates neck-and-neck, it’s bound to be a tight race.

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