Trump Miami Resort Robbed of 60 Plus Generators

( – In a brazen act — part of which took place in broad daylight — thieves stole at least 60 generators from Trump National Doral Miami golf resort, owned by former President Donald Trump. They loaded up their truck twice, right under the noses of security personnel, taking off with tens of thousands of dollars’ worth of equipment. Authorities are still gathering information on the event, and the suspects remain at large.

The thefts occurred on the same day, October 2, within five hours of one another, leading people to question if it was an inside job. WPLG shared video footage of the white Ford pickup entering the unsecured area and then leaving with the bed filled with generators. Sources haven’t released a license plate number or a description of the driver and/or passengers, who were obscured behind the vehicle’s tinted windows. The individuals reportedly posed as construction workers to appear as though they belonged on-site.

The burglary took place roughly two weeks before the resort was set to host an LIV golf tournament. The property was storing the generators in preparation for their use in the event. Police believe they have some credible leads, which they hope will help them catch the suspects.

Crime has been on the rise in Miami Dade County, according to local statistics, with robberies up over 10% from last year and homicides seeing more than a 23% increase. Multiple crime rings made headlines in the area over the past few months, and officials are considering the possibility that this group may also be behind other, similar thefts.

Police recently caught a group that committed a similar set of heists for years, beginning in April 2020 with thieves taking off with $1.7 million dollars in heavy construction equipment. Authorities arrested numerous individuals in connection with the crime ring, but their investigation into the group has been ongoing. They busted another crime ring in August after learning the group was stealing GPS units from boats docked in Florida marinas. The bandits reportedly made off with $2.5 million — at up to $5,000 per unit — before police finally caught up with them.

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